Friday, February 15, 2013

Twitter allows purchase using hashtag

This cooperation might open the door wide to Twitter to break into the world of e-commerce
A company "American Express" credit card agreement struck with the microblogging site "Twitter" site allows users of their cards credit cardholders purchase by typing "# Hashtag" certain.

The company has allocated a page on its website to take through which cardholders to link their cards their account on the site "Twitter."

And allow "American Express" a range of products that can be purchased via "Twitter", such as tickets some teams Basketball League of America, and some electronic devices platform games, "Xbox 365" produced by Microsoft, and a set of Sony cameras, and each of those products " Hashtag "of its own.

And to buy Twitter to follow several steps, Beginning the user types "hashtag" associated with the product in the tweet and waiting for a response from a special account with the "American Express" on the networking site under the name "AmexSync", then he must respond to these again within 15 minutes to confirm the purchase price of the product will be deducted from its score in the American Express credit card.

This may open the contract to Twitter door to enter strongly in the area of ​​electronic commerce, especially with the expansion of the company in other areas other than social networking, where the company "Twitter" recently contracted with a corporate social analysis of TV programs to support themselves in this sector.

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